Holiday Card Hacks

If you are like me and adore getting all of the Holiday Greetings in the mail, you probably struggle with what to do with all of those heartfelt Hello's from across the globe once the Holidays are over.  For years I would debate whether I should save them in a drawer, keep them up year round, put them on the fridge? or just trash them (gasp!).  And if you do trash them, no judgement.  You have the minimalist gene I have never possessed.  I am a bleeding heart, keepsake loving fool.  

So for those of you that might be a bit sentimental, like me, I got you! 

I usually display my cards around an inside doorway. One we pass through many times a day.  It gives us a chance to pause every time we pass by and appreciate the family and friends we hold dear.  This year I changed it up a bit and displayed my cards in my breakfast room window.  We spend a lot of time in there and enjoyed seeing all the smiling faces shining back at us. 

I know there are camps of people that are 'decorations up on the day after Thanksgiving and down the day after Christmas', but I am in a much laxer camp.  My decor usually goes up right after Thanksgiving, but sometimes we are traveling and it doesn't get up until the next weekend.  And if I am not hosting a New Year's Eve party, which I haven't done in a few years, I like to keep it up until the weekend after New Year's! I am a strong believer in getting the most bang for my hard work.  It takes a lot of energy and time to schlep all those totes up from the basement, unwrap everything, place it just so and then schlep all the totes back down to the dungeon! I want to enjoy it as long as possible before reversing the whole 'schlep, pack, schlep' routine.  But no matter when my decor gets put away, the cards usually stay up for a bit longer. (I have even been known to keep them up through Valentine's Day to really bask in the 'Love'!)

But eventually, the cards have to come down too.  And then I am back to my keep or toss dilemma.  A few years ago, I came up with the perfect solution! 

I turn them into a cute little flip book, to be enjoyed year after year!

All it takes is a hole punch and a binder ring. Easy Peasy.  Organize your cards by relative size (or color, or whatever method suits your fancy) and then punch a hole in the top left corner.  Be sure to avoid punching through someones face or the sweet sentiment on the card.  Place all the cards over the ring and close the ring.  Tie a sweet piece of ribbon to the ring. 

Voila, a darling flip book of this year's cards.  Every year you can hold all the past years collections in a basket near the new cards on display.  What fun to flip through the past years and see the changes in people! When my kids were little we had fun talking about all of our Friends and Family far away. 

Fun Tip: I love to use one of my family's cards as the top of the book, that makes it easy to tell what year each collection is! 

Another Fun Tip: You can make a separate book of just your family's cards over the years and give as a gift to your child when they leave home! 

Now I must get back to packing up my Holiday Decor and schlepping totes! I would love to hear how you display your Holiday Cards.  When do you decorate and put it all away? Am I crazy to not have a super set schedule of how I handle my Holiday decorating? Let me know!

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