Working from Home is GREAT!

While many in the rest of the world have settled into this working from home thing, I am only on Day 2! I have still been going to work at the school district office because there was so much to be done before we could get everything ready for online classes. But the 'shelter in place' decree and 'essential travel only' finally came from the Governor last week. I was already home for Spring Break, but wasn't working. On Monday, I went back to work and into the office to assess the situation. We are lucky, in my office, in that most of us are secluded in our own work areas anyway, but we deal with the public a lot! So, we locked the doors to the public and made a plan. I will go into the office on Mondays and Thursdays to take care of things that I cannot do virtually and I will work from home on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I think this is a great plan as there are only a few things I can't do from home and my daughter is home alone all day doing her school online. While she is perfectly capable, I do not want her to be alone all day, everyday.

So yesterday was my first day working from home and it was great! I made set the coffee to auto-brew the night before and awoke to hot coffee, so lovely! I enjoyed a cup of coffee on my living room couch as I watched the sun come and checked my emails. The rest of the day was spent working on meeting minutes and some spreadsheets while I oversaw my daughter and her schoolwork. I was able to take my lunch break and make a cake AND prep dinner so it was ready to go in the oven later that night! By the time work was over and I was joining my girlfriends for our first try at a virtual happy hour, dinner was in the oven, the kitchen was spotless, and I was satisfied with this amazing new way to work! I was WINNING!

Cut to today.

I forgot to program the coffee to brew last night, so it didn't. Huh. Then, when I got it ready to go and pushed the button and walked away, it was still in program mode, so when I came back 15 minutes later, it still hadn't brewed. Argh. Third time was the charm, but by this time I am 45 minutes into emails and have had NO COFFEE!!! Words came from husbands mouth, but all I heard were sarcastic grunts and taunts that undermined my authority (?) and housekeeping skills(?)...I am WINNING, remember?!

Then someone used the kitchen sink and a river appeared on the floor....apparently a pipe had come unscrewed under the sink and 7 towels later, the mess was cleaned up. Then I had a fight with my child over her homework vs. her video game 'work' and a fight with my husband about who was being a bigger jerk, (for the record...I thought it was him...but now I admit, it could have possibly been...No, it was definitely HIM!), and my kitchen was no longer clean, AND on, and on, and on...this day just catapulted it's way into one craptastic event after another. AND did I mention that it snowed? In April. It's cool, no big deal. Just one more thing today. I am sure yesterday I would have thought it was beautiful (after all, I live in Montana..I know what happens here). But today, I was not playin'.

But finally, things settled down and work (and schoolwork) was great...really, I mean it! After dinner (Pizza takeout...cuz, ya know), while cleaning up the kitchen, the sink decided to explode all over my floor again and I could not find the problem this time. Of course my husband had decided to step out to his shop at this moment so 9 towels later, some screaming, some stomping, and some choice words (and the problem found and fixed by husband), I have sequestered my self in my room so as not to explode (again).

This alone time has me contemplating....Have there been exceptions to a murder conviction in these current times? Could I plead "innocent by reason of sheltering in place"? Asking for a friend.


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