Checking In...From A Distance.

I've been trying to write this for awhile. It's hard to come up with the right words. We are all feeling different things about this weird time of Social Distancing and world pandemic. Some of us are going about our days in a normal way. And some of us are so scared we can't get out of bed. My family and I fall somewhere in the middle. We are social distancing as much as possible, lucky in the fact that we live on a beautiful piece of property that allows us plenty of outside space, lucky in that my husband works in isolation already and his job is not affected, lucky in that our kids are home and safe, lucky in that my job is flexible and I am able to do my job in safety. But I still worry. I worry about my parents who are in their 80's and 90's. I worry about my siblings and especially my sister who isn't working at this time and who is already financially strapped. I worry about my nieces and nephews, several of whom work in the hard hit hospitality industry and some of who work in the healthcare industry and are on the front lines.
I am trying to strike a balance of healthy respect for this rampant disease and the humor it takes to actually deal with the daily onslaught of more bad news.
I don't have any answers, but I know that fear is no good. I know that my kids are looking to me for their reaction. And I want them to find the positives in this crisis. Those will be different for every family but for mine, we have so much to be grateful for. I am taking this week of Spring Break pretty slow. There is a lot of relaxing and self care happening. But next week, next week will be different. I will have to decide if/when I go into the office. I will have to help my 16 year old navigate her new school day online and at home. I will have to leave the bliss of 'staycation' in the rear view mirror and figure out how to move forward as so many others have already done. Here in Montana, we have few confirmed cases and we are not being forced to stay home, yet. I personally feel like our cases will continue to climb and staying home, for everyone that can, is the very best option at this time. The sooner we all get on board the 'stay home' train, the sooner we will get through this. I am heartened by the community I live in, and especially the education community in which I work. The actions being taken to support our students and families are incredible signs of the heart and soul my colleagues possess. My family and I will continue to look for ways we can help our neighbors and I hope you will too.
I would love to know how you are coping. How is your community thriving? What good deeds are you seeing come from this tragedy?
Know that I have been thinking about each of you and look forward to chatting again soon.

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