Pantone has chosen the 2020 Color of the Year, and I am HERE FOR IT! 

Turns out I am {accidentally} on top of the Color trend for 2020! Who Knew?!? When I recently went to pick out paint to add some drama to my, soon to be on the market, Vacation Rental, I gravitated toward this gorgeous blue. To me it looks like a deep jewel tone and it reads 'regal'. I could picture this color as the the Drama I was looking for! 

I used it for the fireplace and then decided to boldly paint the entire high-ceilinged, entry way in the same shade. Trust me when I say it did NOT dissappoint! I am loving it! And boy does it bring the Drama! When you are standing in the entry way, you almost feel like you are inside a velvet lined box! 

A few days later, I was perusing Home Goods and came across this delicious chair that was 'screaming' my name! Truly, I had been on the hunt for something lovely to really bring the WOW factor to my vacay rental living room, and this was IT. This chair had a high wing back, clear acrylic curved legs, and nailhead trim. When I held up my paint chip to the chair, it disappeared! Even tho the price of the chair wasn't astronomical, I wasn't sure I could justify it. So, alas. I snapped a quick pic, bid the beauty farewell and went on my way.  

I...could...not...get that chair out of my mind. Everytime I went to work at the vacation rental, I saw that chair in that space, I was mesmerized by how perfectly the color matched my newly updated fireplace. I imagined the many vacationers sitting in that gorgeous chair and felt the joy and relaxation come over them as they nestled in it's velvety goodness. 

After several days, and many, many repetitive tellings of the find, I raced back to the store in the hopes it would still be there. I knew that if it was still there when I walked in, then it was going home with me. And if it wasn't, well, then it just wasn't meant to be.

Halleluhiah! The Chair was there! I wasted no time in telling a salesperson that it was now MINE! I wrestled that bad boy into my tiny SUV all on my own.   I had not told my husband that I bought the chair, but I knew if he saw it in the space, he would be as smitten as I.  I somehow wrangled it through the doorway and down the hall of the house, all on my own.  I think it was the superhuman strength you get when you KNOW you are on the right path...(or is that just me in a case of decorating frenzy?) 

I was so right!!! It makes all the difference in the space. It brings the WOW! It makes me smile. And, now, it just so happens that my vacay rental living room decor, according to Pantone, is THE color of 2020, ! Win-Win. I sure am a sucker for a happy ending! 

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